My cartoons for Sept 17- Sept 30, 2023

Big Oil & Gas Says Climate Goals Will Be Pushed Back

Emily Debunks Talk About People Going To Internal Combustion Vehicles & Not Finding Charging Stations

Emily Talks About the Giant McDermitt Caldera Lithium Deposit For EV Batteries to Big Oil & Gas

Emily Says The U.S. is Committed To a 30% to 40% Reduction in CO2 By The Year 2030

My cartoons for Sept 3 – Sept 16, 2023

Emily @ Burning Man in 2023

Emily Suggests Burning Nothing @ Burning Man

Emily Says Jets Flying Into Burning Man Burn a Lot of Fuel

Emily Invisions a Soaking Man Instead of a Burning Man

My cartoons for Aug 20  – Sept 2, 2023

Emily Duels with Big Oil & Gas Over The Wildfires in Hawaii and Elsewhere

Emily Chides Big Oil & Gas Over Losing Insurance Friends Becuase of Climate Disasters

Emily Feels Big Oil & Gas Has Never Really Been Held Accountable For Wildfire Disasters

Emily Asks Big Oil & Gas Who Will Pay For Rebuilding After The Horrific Wildfires?

My cartoons for Aug 6  – Aug 19, 2023

Emily's Surprise Heat Dome Experiment

Emily's Mom & Dad Visit the Doctor After Emily's Heat Dome Experiment

Dr. Frackman's Gives Emily's Mom & Dad Advice About The Dangers of Social Media Challenges

Dr. Frackman Has a Cure For Emily's Heat Stroke


My cartoons for June 4  – June 17, 2023

    Please excuse these crude cartoons  

     My Photoshop app quit on me!  🙂

       This is the  best I could muster!

6:6:23 -1

6:6:23 -1 1

6:6:23 -3

6:6:23 -3 1

My cartoons for May 21  – June 3, 2023

Emily's Tells Her Mom She Doesn't Want to Hear About The Wildfires Raginig in Alberta, Canada

Emily's Dad Says Frequent Climate Change Catastrophes Can Take a Toll On a Person

Mr. Weezerman Suggests Voting Oil & Gas Execs During Shareholder Meetings!

Emily's Mom Finds a Way To Temper Emily's Anger During Climate Crises

My cartoons for May 7  – May 20, 2023

Emily Calls Out Big Oil & Gas Over Carbon Capture Inadequacies

Emily Tells Big Oil & Gas Time is Running Out Removing CO2 From The Atmosphere

Emily Explains Her Carbon Capture To Big Oil & Gas By Way of a World Orb

Emily Tells Big Oil & Gas It is Crunch Time To Remove CO2 From Our Atmosphere

My cartoons for Apr 23  – May 6, 2023

The Captain Says The Runways Aren't Buckling During Tarmac Flooding in Ft. Lauderdale

An Airplane Passenger During The Flooding @ The Ft. Lauderdale Airport Compares It To a Show

A Captain's Advice To a Weary Passenger at The Ft. Lauderdale Airport

Emily Asks The Captain If His Contrails Could Be Part of The Reason There's Flooding in Ft. Lauderdale

My cartoons for Apr 9  – Apr 22, 2023

My cartoons for Mar 26 – Apr 8, 2023

My cartoons for Mar 12 – Mar 25, 2023

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